Terms Of Service

All sales are final.
You may not chargeback or refund the purchased products, they are confirmed working.
I am not responsible for anything that happens to the products after purchase.
I am not responsible if the purchased products are banned.

Terms of use
By using verifiedalts.com and or using their service(s) you agree to the terms of service. VerifiedAlts may change their terms of service at any time without notice. By using this site you agree with the TOS

Accounts are sent to your email that you have requested, if you don't receive it DM through Twitter.

Refund Policy
There are no refunds after purchase, if account is invalid you will be able to ask for a replacement. (Replacements only valid 24hours after purchase)

Refund & Replacement Policy
We do not accept refunds under any circumstances. PayPal disputes and chargebacks are not permitted therefore you will be blacklisted off verifiedalts.com and any of it's services if you open one. As a customer, you are entitled to claim a replacement if any of the products you have purchased are found to be faulty.